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Her name is Laura Handrick. Laura HandrickShe was searching for the LIGHT. Deacon Tom was looking for a light at the end of the tunnel — and Laura turned out to be the answer. She was just down the pew from us. Laura has been an executive in differing corporate settings — but in the last year, she picked up some radio experience while waiting to connect with a new high power, high-demand position. But before starting this new job – she’s been helping to organize our new Catholic radio station.

But also – like many of us… laura has a journey story of how she came to the ‘light’ of faithful, meaningful, intensified practice of our Catholic Faith. Join us for an interview with a neightbor and new friend. (We might even get her to do some ‘voice-overs’ for Catholic Vitamins 🙂

Marianna Bartholomew, Marianna Bartholomewthe 7 time award winning journalist shares a ‘light’ story of another kind. An isolated Catholic missionary priest in the country of India found out about Catholic Vitamins on the internet. It led him to Marianna. And they have been working together since then… and through Marianna’s efforts, her non-profit corporation has been raising funds and resources for ‘Fr. V.’ Visit — pray for — communicate with Marianna at her website:

We played a bit of the wonderful Advent music of LORI LINE – a prior interview guest on Catholic Vitamins. Go to Lori’s website and invest in some of her awesome music offerings.    images-2




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