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LOYALTY… to the vocation that God has envisioned for us. Hopefully, Loyalty to our state-in-life. Whether married, single, religious or clergy. May we pray for loyalty to it.

Our special guest is MARIE BELLET – an absolutely wonderful composer and singer. And what’s her primary music genre? Songs devoted to her state in life…. married to the same man for 20-some years… a family of 9 children… a large 15 passenger van that sits outside of school, waiting for her brood to arrive. And as she waits, she sees the line of other large passenger vans, and she views herself and them as in a song titled WE ARE THE CAVALRY. And then, a song about watching the beautiful transition in her husband as HE IS A DADDY which she penned and sings.

Does this sound like a ‘bit much?’ It isn’t. It’s loyalty and love for the life God has called Marie and her husband to. And the fruits of this? Those 9 kids… with many who are grown up and on their own… they Skype mom and dad each Sunday evening to ‘catch up and share about their week.’ The kids are now demonstrating loyalty to the importance of family.

Join us on this show… and please let some others know about Marie Bellet… she’s a most talented, if unusual ‘evangelist’ for the life of love and family.

You can reach out and connect with Marie — she said she’d love to hear from you. Go to

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