Catholic Vitamin M Manifest

Jessica Mahathath 2There was something about this young JESSICA MAHATHATH. A glow… a story perhaps…. something that was MANIFEST in our first meeting with her. We were sitting at the same table on a riverboat on the Mississippi — listening to the wonderful piano stylings and singing of VINCE AMBROSETTI of the ILP music and performing artists corporation.

When Vince was finished, Dee, Jessica and Deacon Tom sat for a while sharing a bit of journey. We asked if Jess would be willing to come share a fuller version of her life on Catholic Vitamins. It happens that that’s what Jessica does. She’s spoken at various conferences and events. She’s helped families with some form of disfunction.

We’ve long had an ear for ‘Stories Down The Pew’ — this was our first Story At Our Table. Thanks so much Jessica for your openness on this episode of Catholic Vitamins. If you dear listener have some desire, you can email Jessica at

Thanks also to ILP’s Vince Ambrosetti for his music and love of our wonderful Catholic Faith. International Liturgy Publications offers a wide variety of parish and ministry resources. You can find everything by going to

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