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EVANGO Part 2. We welcome back PATRICK SULLIVAN. A former educator, he received a ‘call’ which meant walking away from his safe, secure position and becoming a self-supporting, family-supporting Catholic Evangelist. Where to start? Doing Bible studies in coffee shops, with anyone who would participate. In time, he gathered a small group of like-minded, passionate associates. Evango was formed – and they are driven by listening to the will of the Lord for God’s people. What do they need? Where are they? How can ‘we’ (Evango) reach and help them?

Our faith ‘vitamin’ is MANUS. What is that you might rightly ask. Manus is the end point (the terminus) of a forward limb – in this case — manus means the HAND. We are called to be the hands (and the feet and the heart and the love) of the Lord on earth. ¬†Who among us Catholics is willing to walk away from a sure and certain paycheck and enter the land of total trust in the Lord?

This makes me think of stories told my Catholic Doherty of Madonna House. She spoke of pilgrims in Russia who demonstrated total dependence upon the Lord. They left hearth and home and headed out on holy pilgrimage to a distant location. They depended upon the Lord to provide food and lodging day after day as they journeyed. A good lesson for us who believe we have to have everything planned and resourced.


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Jesus I trust in You. Amen.


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