Catholic Vitamin M Marriage

m-wedding- Version 2Wow! And boy did our listeners and friends respond. This is our first-ever Survey and Share podcast. Our topic was seeking YOUR VITAMIN contributions for MARRIAGE. We published a little ‘survey’ of some 7 questions. e.g. How was Marriage Prep? How important was/is faith in your marriage? Ever participate in Marriage Encounter? These and more questions. Thank you all so very much. This was fun – but definitely a bigger topic than we could do justice to in a one hour show.

Whether you’re newly engaged, just married or heading towards a major anniversary, you will likely find some wisdom of others regarding this beautiful part of God’s plan for man and woman.

BTW: The picture used for the face-cover of this show is our own correspondent Marianna Bartholomew on her wedding day. Thank you Marianna. You can find her writing and a wonderful 23rd year anniversary tribute to their marriage on Marianna’s website:

On this show, we featured music from a Steubenville OH star, Alicia Hernon. Songs played were from her album BELOVED, available at   And one of the songs featured her talented brother Martin Doman who is found at  Great musical family.

Blessings upon you, your marriage (or search) and your family.

Deacon Tom and Dee

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