Catholic Vitamin M Mobile

Ever met a ‘walking Catholic zombie?’ Well, you may have met our special guest JACKIE PUCCETTI when she believes she was one… Walking in Mortal Sin is how she describes her early journey to what she termed Inversion… not conversion – but complete inversion. This is one of the most tender conversion stories we’ve had on Catholic Vitamins. And our Vitamin for this show is MOBILE – be willing to be mobile in moving from where you are to where God may want you to be.

And as a sweet by-product of her return to her Catholic roots — Jackie and a friend have started a small, but growing ministry called VEIL BY TRADITION. They offer lovely yet inexpensive veils and a small brochure which explains the theology and beauty of women returning to the practice of covering their heads when entering Church. We just love what they are doing and Catholic Vitamins supports this completely. Send an email to if you’d like more information. They will be bringing up a new website soon, but you can connect right now via

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