Catholic Vitamin M Mother

Yes, first, there’s Mother Mary. But then there are earthly MOTHERs… they inspire, they love… they challenge… they teach. Mother Teresa is an example. But this show features a Mother you might not have met. Her name is SISTER BRIEGE MCKENNA. And by way of our 13 year relationship with Franciscan University, we bring you a major segment of a talk she delivered entitled YOU SHALL BE MY WITNESSES: Healing and Empowerment. We weren’t able to play the entire talk, and if you like it and find it as powerful as we did, you can go to the Franciscan University bookstore website and order this and other talks delivered in Steubenville. Go to 

Did you know Sister Briege appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show some years ago? This powerful, humorous and inspiring story relates events surrounding this. Did you know that the Lord sometimes gives Sister Briege items from His To-Do List? You’ll hear about that on this talk as well. Please share word of this podcast episode with your friends.

Sister Briege is found at   and she and the St. Clare Sisters have a prayer request line you can call to leave intentions. That number is 727-781-5906.

Our music features talented musician, composer and head of ILP Music, Vince Ambrosetti… we particularly like one of the pieces he composed and which we played on this show, SANCTUARY…  Go to to find Vince’s and many other great artist’s music.


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