Catholic Vitamin M Mothering

DEBBIE HERBECK (from RENEWAL MINISTRIES ¬†and the BE LOVE REVOLUTION) is our guest on this episode of Catholic Vitamins. Who among us doesn’t love the idea of a caring, loving MOTHERING person in our lives?

For the past 30 years, Debbie has worked extensively in youth and women’s ministry. She is the co-founder of the Be Love movement — dedicated to helping young women encounter and be God’s love in the world.

What is the Be Love Revolution? It’s found in these three BLR discipleship goals:

-Be His — helping young women to know the transformative and personal love of Jesus Christ.

-Be Free — helping young women to be free and to live the life of daughters of God

Be Love — Equipping and empowering young women to be God’s love in the world today… (Editor’s note: Any doubt that this is needed?)

To find out more – go to

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