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Husband and father Justin Stroh must be absolutely filled with Catholic Vitamins – and we’d like to find out which ones he’s taking. My gosh — if you want someone to come to your parish or your chancery group… if you want a speaker and entertainer for a Catholic youth gathering, or an adult or parents gathering… if you would like someone to lead a confirmation retreat program…. or set your catechists on fire…. or to lead a staff retreat… you could call on Justin Stroh.

Many of us have heard the sort of rollicking entertaining fun song I LIKE BEING A CATHOLIC… but did you know that Justin has traveled all over the United States leading worship music and retreats and he’s even presented at World Youth Day in my old self-proclaimed home state of Colorado…

Justin grew up in a Catholic home and experienced the love of Jesus through his parents and the example of St. Francis of Assisi and Pope John Paul II. Witnessing their deep conviction and love for God placed a deep desire in his heart to follow Christ!

After receiving the Holy Spirit more deeply Justin made a commitment to serve Jesus in whatever he asks.

For over fifteen years Justin has served as a Catholic lay minister to youth and families.  In the early 90s Justin traveled the United States as the Music Director of the Catholic youth outreach group “RADIX”.  For the last 12 years he has served in various catholic parishes as Lay Youth Minister/DRE and is now the Lead Steward of Communion at Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Faribault, MN. Justin has appeared as a featured guest on EWTN, has presented at WORLD YOUTH DAY in Denver, Colorado, Cologne, Germany and Sydney, Australia and is the writer and producer of several professional recordings available on iTunes. He strives to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his family.

Justin thought he wanted to become a priest – so he started into college preparing for that outcome. While in seminary studies, Justin discerned that God was calling Justin to a life of marriage.  Justin and Lynette married, and they now have a wonderful family of eight children.

If you’d like to have a dynamic, lively and fun speaker come to your parish or diocese or (for example) a youth function — Justin has a number of inspiring talks and presentations, such as:

Why be Catholic? Being a Catholic is the fullest Christian you can be. Today, there is a real challenge for Catholics and it comes from just about every direction.  Our culture has embraced many beliefs inconsistent with Catholic moral life and Catholics need to know that there are real answers to the difficult questions posed by the world, the flesh and the devil. Justin Stroh combines brief powerful lessons about the human person in conjunction with convincing scriptural explanations as to why the Catholic Church is the Rock she claims to be.  Through humor, music and clear humble teaching Justin leads his audience to want a deeper Catholic Faith.

Other talks:

Yield to the Holy Spirit! All the gifts have been given, now let’s open them and play!

The Choice Wine. Yep, Jesus waited till the end of the wedding to change water into wine.

Man Up! Let’s do this. Time to take back the culture.

Duc in Altum! Catch fish in deep waters with Jesus. First, encounter him in the deep!

Need a speaker or musician for your next event?

Now Booking Justin Stroh for 2011!

Justin will provide a powerful presentation using original music, and humor  that will inspire your community. With over 15 years experience in Catholic lay ministry, Justin uses practical examples and scriptural explanations to lead the community closer to God and each other.

You can find Justin’s music and booking information by visiting his website:

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