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Theresa Doyle-Nelson

Our guest for this show is author Theresa Doyle-Nelson. She hails from the great state of Texas near the hill country. Theresa is married, the mother of two and a great researcher and she must be a very detail oriented task mistress. She has written for many well-known Catholic publications. Among them: Our Sunday Visitor, Today’s Catholic, Liguorian, St. Anthony Messenger, Catholic Exchange and others.

The two books that we talked about are her most recent efforts:

Saints of the Bible: Exploring Scripture with Holy Men and Women, and

More Saints of the Bible: Exploring Scripture with Reclaimed Saints From the Old and New Testaments

I’ve read both of these books. The saint descriptions and highlights are shown on about two pages each. There are some wonderful tables and indexes and many ways to approach learning some of our great saint-histories from Scripture. The second book (More…) is available in Kindle format, and you can preview Theresa’s books before purchasing.

Her website found at welcomes you with these words from St. Jerome: Love Holy Scripture, and wisdom will love you.

Thank you Theresa for coming on to the Catholic Vitamins podcast — and for sharing the fruits of what must have been hundreds of hours of research.

And then – we have some other good news.


It doesn’t take very long listening to Justin Stroh and you’ll recognize an up-beat, on-fire faith in Jesus, His Mother Mary and a love affair with the Catholic Church. If you’ve ever heard the upbeat “I Like Being a Catholic” song and wondered “Who is that person?” — you’ve been listening to Justin.

And where did the song come from? From “hanging out” with several hundred thousand people at World Youth Day and listening to the late great John Paul II.

After interviewing Justin for a prior show (Catholic Vitamin M: Music and Mission) — we were so impressed with his heart and vocation that we started talking with Justin about his new offering entitled The New Evangelization Program (TNEP). TNEP is a series of short audio messages geared to the current Mass readings and evangelization topics of the day.

We welcome Justin and are proud to bring him on as a regular contributor to Catholic Vitamins. Justin’s website is found at:

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