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UnknownShe is Marie Bellet. It’s in her very NATURE and upbringing to be fully Catholic, fully alive and fully in favor of accepting God’s plan for marriage and family life. Marie Bellet is a wife, mother (of 9 mind you) — and during those long periods of having nothing to do (??) – Marie has written words and music that have found their way into some six albums. Music that has resonated with many because Marie sings of what is True, Honorable and Beautiful.

For her return visit to Catholic Vitamins, Marie tells us of a new album which is a simple, but beautiful idea. Set our Catholic prayers to music. And this she has done for all the bread/butter prayers that we know and love. The album is called SING YOUR PRAYERS. This is a great idea for moms with kiddos. Or for busy moms or dads rushing out to the morning commute. It’s also a great gift idea. Marie mentioned old folks who might have trouble remembering the words of their prayers. And so, you can find the album at her website:  or at the Ignatius Press website:

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