Catholic Vitamin N Neophyte

Our special guest, JIM WRIGHT was a complete NEOPHYTE in evangelizing with Catholic radio when he met MOTHER ANGELICA (RIP). The year was 1996, and Jim and his wife Joanne visited and toured EWTN. In an encounter with Mother Angelica, Jim asked, “what can we do?” As in… do you want a donation? Some help with something? Mother’s reply was “Go home and start a Catholic radio station.” 

What did Jim know about what it takes to start a Catholic radio station. About as much as Deacon Tom and the three men he partnered with to build our local station, KPIH LP 98.9, Rim Catholic Radio in Payson. (

It took Jim some number of years — but by today, he has a network of 11 stations in the northeast; he says that there are two more in his (God’s) wish/will list. You can connect with Jim and his great radio evangelization effort by going to

To any who read these words, please support Catholic radio wherever you live. And if there isn’t a local station near you, join in via podcasts or whatever APP’s you might have on your smart device. Pray for EWTN – the great providers of Catholic Truth through the radio, TV and shortwave broadcasts heard all over the world. Pray for RELEVANT RADIO, the great Catholic network out of the midwest – and supplier to over 100 radio stations from coast to coast.

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