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Irish teen Clare Crockett would definitely have fit the title of ‘wild child.’ But the Good Lord had his eye on this young woman. And as she casually, maybe even mindlessly bent over to do what the others had been doing at a Good Friday liturgy — Clare kissed the feet of Jesus on the cross. Immediately, she began to sob. She couldn’t stop. And when others asked Clare what was wrong, Clare said ‘He died for me; He loves me.’ She kept repeating it over and over.

This was the beginning of Clare finding her ‘NICHE‘ in God’s plans for her. It took a few years to begin to come to fruition. To come to give up her budding (but promising) acting career. To begin to seek true humility and true love. She became SISTER CLARE CROCKETT of the SERVANT SISTERS OF THE HOME OF THE MOTHER (SHM). Even there as a candidate and later as a novice, family and friends and past memories and the devil were beckoning her back to Derry, Ireland. She prayed and held on…

All of this is told in our special (and much appreciated guest) interview with SISTER KRISTEN GARDNER – a young SHM Sister who knew and lived with Sister Clare Crockett. She wrote the book discussed on the show and mentioned below.

Clare became a much loved Sister. A bit later in her path, she was assigned to an SHM mission in Latin America, and joyous, inspiring, loving Sister Clare died in the collapse of a building during an earthquake. She was the first sister from her order to die. The Lord must have wanted her to join Him and spread her joy and laughter in new places.

To begin to learn more about Sister Clare, go to     Look at the beautiful 2 minute video overview of her life. It’s called ALL OR NOTHING. But then look at the hour-long video which shares many aspects of her life. And if you are called to really know more (as we were), please order the book from Amazon about Clare’s life in Ireland and her encounter with Jesus after a pretty sinful earlier period in her life. The book is entitled SISTER CLARE CROCKETT: ALONE WITH JESUS ALONE

Sister Clare, pray for us.


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