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Carol MarquardtThe word NODDY is defined as a silly or foolish person. BUT — if we use this word in Christian context – what a joy it is to have the courage to become a Fool For Christ. And our guest is Carol Marquardt – a former significant rising star in the tennis world. She gave it all up to become a wife and mother and then to help people discover the voice of God in Scripture — and His voice in silence. In this show – to be Noddy is to admit to a tendency to act as if nothing matters except Christ. Join us.

You can find information about Carol and about ‘listening to God’ at her website:   and

On our show today, we played a bit of Billie Tarascio‘s LAY IT DOWN from her album SEND ME. Billie was a guest on our show some time ago and you can find her inspiring music on iTunes, CDBaby and many other locations.

We closed our show with the soft sounds of Noelle Garcia Unknownwith her song LET GO — rather fitting for the idea of letting go and becoming a Fool For Christ. Noelle was a previous guest on Catholic Vitamins — you can listen to the show by going to this link:


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