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It ¬†starts with something like this: “Oh no… I can’t be pregnant. I can’t do this. My parents will disown me…” Or “I’m in college – children may be later when I have an education and a career. Not nLauren headshotow.”

Meet LAUREN MUZYKA, Esq — an attorney in the Dallas area. She is also the Executive Director of SIDEWALK ADVOCATES — an organization dedicated to help train, equip and support local communities across the U. S. and around the world in ‘sidewalk advocacy.’ They work to be the hands and feet of Christ offering life-affirming alternatives to anyone present at an abortion center, with the goal of eliminating demand for abortion. Lauren shares with us that there is more than NUANCE to being pro-life and being totally committed to life in every situation/stage.

Their website is and you can find out about the work and many successes that they are bringing about. The next application period for Sidewalk Advocates is in the month of May. After you hear our time together, please consider this work of God among the frightened, the confused, the paniced and those alone and facing it all.

At the end of the show, we played music and song by another ESQ – she’s Phoenix area attorney BILLY TARASCIO. Her music is available on any number of websites. She is a previous guest on Catholic Vitamins.

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