Catholic Vitamin N: Nuptials

If you didn’t know better, you’d think we almost planned our shows. We had two interviews that were fun and informative. First — if you’ve been around Catholic podcasting for very long, we’re sure you know of Greg and Jennifer Willets. They are the Catholics Next Door, now on Sirius XM satellite radio and back in podcasting after a break from there. They are the authors of a wonderful new book that evokes a feeling of knowing them for years. Yet it has much to teach us about what it’s like to be admittedly less than perfect. Their book is THE CATHOLICS NEXT DOOR – ADVENTURES IN IMPERFECT LIVING. We hope you enjoyed ‘meeting’ them if you haven’t been a part of their Sirius Radio listeners or listeners to their podcasts.

If, after listening, you’re interested in buying their book, it’s available from Servant Books/Franciscan Media at their website:

The word nuptials means of or relating to marriage or weddings : moments of nuptial bliss.In his General Audience of 6 February 1980, Holy Father John Paul II reexamined the nuptial meaning of the body, in the mutual gift of self by our first parents, in the context of their original innocence. We might see in this that the use of the word nuptial implies or speaks to a more profound meaning of marriage as a sacrament of self-giving, man to woman, and woman to man. This sort of understanding of nuptial is contained in the Theology of the Body. In this teaching of Blessed John Paul, we are led to dwell on the mystery of man’s early innocence in which a purity and innocence of heart enabled Adam and Eve to give themselves to each other in love through the power of God’s grace acting in them.  

Which leads us to our feature interview with Greg (and with interview help and support from wife Julie) Alexander. Their book we discussed is MARRIAGE 911. And as Greg said right at the beginning — the use of 911 tells it like it was in their marriage. They were in trouble and firmly headed towards a divorce. They were finished. Kaput!

How their marriage was turned around is told in their book and in our interview. In fact – Greg and Julie now travel the U. S. and appear regularly on EWTN and other venues talking about their personal experiences and God’s plan for man and woman in marriage. They have also started the Alexander House Foundation and it is spreading throughout the U. S.

Please make sure you listen to this show — whether your marriage is Vitamin A for Awesome or Vitamin P for ‘the Pits.’ To see and learn a lot more about the Alexanders and their ministry, go to:

Special thanks to Steve Vining for use of his music. We played RISK OF LOVE from Steve’s album TELLING VISIONS. We also give special thanks to Brian Flynn for use of his music — THE GREATEST GIFT from his album BEYOND THE VEIL.

Steve is found at   and Brian is found at


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