Catholic Vitamin N2 Nutrition Part 2

Mark NehrbasA story from today’s Part Two of Catholic Vitamin N2 NUTRITION # 2: “No, no, you don’t understand. I can’t be healed, I’m a Jewish woman and I just came with Catholic friend of mine!” This is a part of the story from the interview with MARK NEHRBAS and his years involved in FIRE RALLIES. And then, two kinds of Nutrition helped heal Mark from a terrifying, aggressive form of stomach cancer: the Eucharist (of course) and the intercessory prayers and love of the faithful who knew, cared for and loved Mark. It was their faith which gave Mark the strength and a relief from any worry about whether he was to be healed or relief from a fear of dying.

If you missed it, please go back and listen to Vitamin N1 – the previous show for the touching story of Mark being led to be ‘born again’ by a Southern Baptist and then brought back to vibrant, on-fire Catholic practice by a college friend who had been born-again in the Charismatic Renewal.

Some time ago, we interviewed our good friend Bob D’Aurelio from Ohio. And in his earlier years, Bob was the director of music for the New Celebration Singers. They are not still performing as a group, but we made arrangements to play some of their recorded music, and we were pleased to include it as a part of the music of this show. Thank you all connected with this fine chorale group.

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