Catholic Vitamin O Obedient

Would you like to ‘meet’ a lady who is OBEDIENT to the call of the Lord in her life? Her name is MARY KLOSKA — she’s a hermit who came from a family of 13 children… Wait… a hermit coming from a large Catholic family? Yes. And she’s served the Lord’s call leading her as a missionary to Nigeria, Russia, Poland and many other countries. Her areas of ministry have had Mary involved in work in rehab centers, orphanages, with prostitutes, exorcisms and deliverance ministry and in other settings. While still a hermit, she’s now in Indiana where she lives a life of intense prayer while serving as a nanny for several children.

Mary has written one book entitled The Holiness of Womanhood and it is being translated into multiple languages. Mary also does icons, sings, records podcasts — these areas may change your attitude about what a hermit can be like and involved in.

If you are interested in learning more, go to 

Special thanks to speaker and author TONY AGNESI (  for another great reflection, and to pianist, composer, musician and orchestra leader LORIE LINE (

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