Catholic Vitamin O: Observation

Meet Kristin Detloff

Where can a Catholic woman go when she’d like to know more about the Church’s teaching with regard to marital sexuality? Where can a woman go who is using contraception in her marriage but who is worried about the chemicals and the words she’s heard about cancer or abortive aspects of birth control? Where can a woman go who wants to talk with other women about Living The Sacrament of marriage more fully? The answer to all of these sample situations can be found at the wonderful website started by our guest, Kristin Detloff. Her site is found at

Kristin says, in the introductory words as you enter the site: Our purpose is to provide a safe and supportive space for women to discuss the daily joys and struggles of using NFP — Natural Family Planning.

More wonderfully, the more a woman or a husband and wife enter into consideration and acceptance of this most-natural form of love and acceptance, the more they can observe their marriage taking on holiness and beauty that society isn’t at all teaching these days.

In addition to Kristin’s visit, we played some music by the New Celebration singers and a special marriage-oriented song by Billie Tarascio from her album SEND ME. Deacon Tom dedicated the song LONG LONG TIME to his lovely bride Dee 🙂

And we continue to enjoy segments from regular contributors: Theresa Doyle-Nelson (on the saints of the Bible), Fergal O’Neill from Ireland with thoughts on the Catholic Vitamin of the day, and of course, musician and speaker Justin Stroh.

We’re including two pictures on this blog page today: guest Kristin Detloff and contributor Fergal O’Neill all the way from Naas, Ireland.

Blessings one and all.

Deacon Tom and Dee

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