Catholic Vitamin O Omega

OMEGA — one of the essential nutrients for your body, and on this Catholic Vitamins, Omega is an essential for nourishing your faith. We share more faith-fortifying segments from our summer including a brief faith-strengthening story told by Bishop Christian Riesbeck of the Companions of the Cross. We were blessed to garner an in-person interview with the delightful MARGO B. SMITHsinger, songwriter and musician as she and her husband visited in our home. We talked about Margo’s newest album ABOUT LOVE, and on this show, we played two selections from it. Margo’s work and thoughts can be found on her website:

We also have a brief segment from a talk given by the popular Franciscan University professor DR. JOHN BERGSMA. His conversion story and many of his popular teachings and talks are found at 

And finally – our friend and voice-synthesized motivator Sandy G. shares thoughts — encouraging words about how hard it is to live the Faith – but how worth it it is. We are Catholic. Proudly Catholic. Amen.

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