Catholic Vitamin O Omission

Redeemed By Grace RamonaA ‘practicing’ Catholic working at Planned Parenthood? Perhaps a sin or two of OMISSION here and there. Join us for our special guest interview with RAMONA TREVINO as we discuss her early life, her job working at Planned Parenthood, and the story of the dawn of Truth in her life. It’s all found in her warm and tender memoir REDEEMED BY GRACE: A Catholic Woman’s Journey to Planned Parenthood and back.

Listeners to Catholic Vitamins will know that Deacon Tom has been working on establishing a Catholic radio station in our community for three years. In her book, Ramona shares how an accidental power outage reset the dial on her home radio to a Catholic radio station she didn’t even know existed. A ‘God-cidence’ if ever…

You can find Ramona on-line, and perhaps bring her to your parish or group meeting. Start by connecting with her on Facebook:

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