Catholic Vitamin O Openness 2

To even think about or title a book MARKETING GOD, one must have an OPENNESS to the Spirit and to doing God’s will. And so, marketing guru, speaker and author DONNA A. HECKLER at first struggled with what to title the book that flows forth from years and years of national and international brand and image marketing. It seems God spoke to her in response to her prayers.

Brand and marketing are not bad words. And they are not blasphemous when brought into the realm of the Sacred. Because, as Donna says, “Most of the work has been done.” In one of her ‘truths’ about marketing, she shares that a ‘brand’ is a promise. And what is the promise of our Catholic Faith? Ah, dear friends, we ask you to listen to this episode of Catholic Vitamins, and then to purchase MARKETING GOD by Donna A. Heckler.

An interesting and ‘necessary’ book for those of us who truly want to grow our faith and reach others. This book is an important read for pastors; and a necessary read for his team: the DRE, the secretary who answers the phone and who may be the first Catholic that someone talks to when wanting to find our ‘more.’  Another of Donna’s teachings: TRUTH 9 – the customer experience is the brand experience.

Every experience of those who attend, those who call on the phone, those who are taught — every one of these is important to the idea of MARKETING GOD.

Donna’s website is      Please visit her and talk to your pastor about bringing Donna to your parish or conference.

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