Catholic Vitamin O Openness

Are you ending Advent with the same “monotone” faith that you entered the season with? Do you feel that you’d like to experience a warm and heartfelt Christmas, perhaps like when you were a child? Is it possible that what’s missing is OPENNESS to God? Are you fearful of change or possibly new experiences? This episode of Catholic Vitamins may…. may be just what you need to start 2010 off with faith fireworks! Okay – maybe a little bit exaggerated.

But if you go to the blog page for this episode, I tell a story of personal openness in my own life — and it was followed by a CERTAINTY that I was on the walk that Christ wants me to be on. Would that work for you? Give Catholic Vitamin O: Openness a listen, especially to our wonderful guest, Fr. Ray Rodriguez from Cheyenne.

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