Catholic Vitamin O Oratory

christine-watkins-1She was searching for ‘something’ in the empty promises of the ‘god of ballet’, and new age philosophies and physical relationships that ended in the morning. Our guest CHRISTINE WATKINS found THE answer: it started with a miraculous healing from cervical cancer.  It continued with the scent of roses where none were growing (yes, Mary was nearby!). This is one of Deacon Tom’s favorite interview guests and we hope you’ll enjoy meeting Christine. Reach out to her at . You’ll likely want to read her book FULL OF GRACE… and maybe even reach out to her husband JOHN… Yes, Dcn Tom would like to interview him as well.

In addition to the joy of discovering Christine – Dee happened to read a conversion story in the Coming Home International Newsletter. It was the story of the journey of Adam Crawford. Dee discovered Adam first; Deacon Tom read the same story hours later. Dee went to the website she discovered that Adam (and Missy) have. A website and a Podcast called A faith-Full Life... their unknownwebsite is found at  Dee recommends their podcast. Try it.



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