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“Are we going to the fun church or to the boring church?” TIM FRANCIS is our guest on this show and we are OVERJOYED to share him with listeners near and far. And his kids used to think that way… and many kids today think that’s the choice if they are or were raised to know what it’s like to visit a church with movie-theater style chairs and coffee service bars and fun game-rooms for the kids… OR… to go to a Church where people look grumpy and the music may be less than inspiring… and sadly the homilies are words suggesting we try to be good.

Tim Francis has now been to speak to well over a hundred… perhaps two hundred parishes and conferences and renewal events. He brings with him power point and movie presentations that show Catholics what they’ve been missing… what they in all likelihood never knew about Catholicism. About miracles. About the miracle of his escape from a life of self-gratification. About scientific proof for the stigmata (wounds of Christ on other human beings)… and about a statue that exudes real tears and blood from wounds. And how it’s been scientifically documented as real.

85% of our young people leave the Church after the sacrament of Confirmation. If they even stayed long enough to receive it. And then they go to college and they are sitting ducks for all the liberal, relativistic thinking that has destroyed a poor or weak faith formation our young ones have received. What’s an answer?

Tim’s website is    Visit there and watch some of the videos… and see the references… from priests, young people… grandparents…

Bring TIM FRANCIS to your parish. And see if it doesn’t help people to come alive in their faith.

“I wanted to thank you for changing my

life. My mom went to day 1 of the 3-day

mission… she got me to attend the second

day… I was an occasional Mass attendee,

mostly holidays. After your talk I made a

good confession and now attend Mass


– Kenny Wharton Phoenix, AZ

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