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A ‘monsignor’ calls from the office of the Vatican Representative to the U. S. His call is to a humble, beloved priest in the Archdiocese of Denver. The subject? Holy Father Francis is asking you,  to become a bishop in Denver? The Denver priest thinks it’s a joke – one of his friends playing a trick on him. It took several sentences before Father JORGE RODRIGUEZ realized this was a call that would change his life forever.

“When you receive a phone call from the Apostolic Nuncio office in Washington (D.C.), and they tell you,  ‘Holy Father Pope Francis, has named you to be the auxiliary bishop of Denver.’ That’s a very humbling, very humbling experience.” And so began that journey of a man wearing the PECTORALE cross, and that led a highly educated, much loved and respected priest to take on the many duties incumbent upon the Auxiliary Bishop of Denver. Our focus in this interview is on immigration – but we think you’ll enjoy the rest of getting to know of his birth and upbringing in Merida, Mexico – his long road leading to his degrees, and finally to where we first met him, as one of our deacon-formation professors in Denver. Thank you Excellency Jorge. Thank you for your faith witness and your loving service to the people of God, and especially in the Archdiocese of Denver.

And thanks to Sandy Greggs, our ‘correspondent’ in Pennsylvania for her witness and sharing. Her ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease hasn’t hampered her enthusiasm for the faith and for EVANGELIZATION.

Finally – thanks to singer, songwriter and musician, dear Audrey Assad – such talent and grace from this convert to our Catholic faith. She’s been a guest at least twice on Catholic Vitamins, and you can find her work and albums at sale at

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