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As we approach Thanksgiving, we have PLENTY that we can and should be thankful for. One of the gifts we received not too long ago was to meet a millennial who is in love with her Catholic Faith. Her name is MEGHAN BARRY – a high school teacher at a new St. John Paul II High School in the west Phoenix area. In our time together, we traced Meghan’s journey from ‘check-box’ Catholicism (listen to the interview to find out what this means), to meaningful, deep, reverent Faith practice. And the additional joy we feel is that this teacher, Miss Barry will be passing this love of faith on to our young high schoolers… there is hope for the future where millennials like this are a part of these times in their lives.

The reason for the veils is mentioned during the interview with Meghan.

We also had a return ‘visit’ from award-winning story-teller, radio personality, and author TONY AGNESI. Tony has agreed to let the Catholic Vitamins Podcast carry Tony’s FIVE MINUTES WITH TONY AGNESI topical broadcasts. We are most grateful to Tony and we hope you’ll visit his site:

Finally, we recently learned that our friend composer, musician and singer MARGO B. SMITH is putting together a new album of praise for the Lord. We’ve made outreach to her to see if we can preview a bit of her new music, and on this show, we played some of her earlier work.  She is found at 


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