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This is the beautiful Christ the King Chapel of the Franciscan Sisters TOR of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother. The order is located in Toronto, Ohio, not far from Franciscan University (where the sisters do campus Ministry) and the city of Steubenville, where Franciscan Sisters teach and minister to the poor and needy.

In our interview with Jenny Lynn – we discovered her story of finding ‘the’ call — her study and review of several orders of nuns – and her selection of this order as the one that best helped Jenny to match her call from Christ and Blessed Mother Mary. Jenny is now a Postulant – the second phase of the steps that young women go through in a seven year program to final vows with this order.


Unknown-1Founded at Franciscan University in 1988, we, the Franciscan Sisters T.O.R. of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother, are a Franciscan religious community rooted in Christ Crucified, animated by the Holy Spirit, and modeled after Mary, our Mother.  Our life flows from the Eucharist, the wellspring of love and mercy.  Captured by the merciful love of Christ, the fulfillment and desire of every human heart, in whose light every other love pales, we cannot help but freely give our lives.  We abandon all so that this impoverished world, unknowingly starving for His love, may be filled with knowledge of His merciful Heart, eternally beating and ferociously burning for every human person.


Once again, we thank Danielle Rose – a prior guest on Catholic Vitamins. We played two of her songs: See You in the Eucharist, and Psalm 139. You can see and buy Danielle’s music by going to her website:




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