Catholic Vitamin P Powerful

POWERFUL is this Catholic Vitamin choice — featuring an interview with a powerful evangelist and author, CHRISTINE WATKINS. We revisit her early years as a young woman whose god was ballet — and who became a new age searcher – only to find that the God she disdained was the answer to years of searching.

Christine’s new book is titled OF MEN AND MARY: How Six Men Won the Greatest Battle of Their Lives. Popular speaker Fr. Donald Calloway calls this book ‘anointed.’ Ladies — this is a great book for the guy in your life. Unless he finds out and buys it ahead of you.

Go to  and check out this new book and the other books and faith nourishing blog columns.

Our music for this show was from a previous guest – the talented pianist and orchestra leader LORI LINE. Wonderful seasonal music along with over 40 other albums available by going to

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