Catholic Vitamin P Prattle

Tom n Dee in COProfessor Colette Higgins from Kaneohe, Hawaii opens Catholic Vitamin P for PRATTLE with our guests: Deacon Tom and Dee ūüôā ¬†Today, we celebrate our 300th show and give away a bunch of gifts for the Friends of Catholic Vitamins on Facebook.

Special thanks — heartfelt thanks for the kind words — the emails that are still coming in as we finish this show. We have wonderful shares from recent year contributors to Catholic Vitamins: evangelist Justin StrohJUSTIN STROH, 7 time award winning journalist MARIANNA BARTHOLOMEW,Marianna Bartholomew our Scriptural Evangelista SONJA CORBITTSonja Corbitt — and ¬†by no means last — DEACON FERGAL O’NEILL allfergal the way from Naas, Ireland.

Thank you 6 years of ¬†guests; we’ve prayed for you. ¬†Thank you listeners; we have never stopped praying for your intentions. ¬†Thank you contributing ¬†correspondents. Thank you Lord for this little corner of Catholic Faith testimony that you’ve let us participate in.

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