Catholic Vitamin P Prevenient

Pregnant and not married! While serving in a visible position doing Catholic music ministry!! What does it take to get over the shame and past the public sin? God’s PREVENIENT grace and prayerful, supportive friends. Meet SHANNON WORLE – our guest on this show about how God often shares a ‘grace down the road’ which is waiting for our arrival. That’s Prevenient grace. It’s so like God – our loving, patient Savior.

Shannon is a music ministry leader at St. Timothy’s parish in Mesa, Arizona. St. Tim’s has had a long history of vibrant liturgies, charismatic worship, active prayer groups and concentration on inspiring young people and families. We were pleased to meet Shannon and to interview her at her parish.

Do you know someone who has sinned? Publicly sinned? Are you shunning that person? Clucking your tongue at that person? Or are you a conduit of God’s prevenient grace?

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