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CV logo medIn this episode, a most lovely and touching PRO-LIFE story unfolds in our interview with BERNADETTE CONKLIN. As we stated at the beginning of the show — there have come to be so many… so very many inspired pro-life ministries. May each of them be a response to God’s grace and a unique call to the holiness and sanctity of life in the womb.

Bernadette has founded the PRE BORN JESUS complete with hand-made rosaries and holy cards and statues which depict the sacred Babe in the womb of Mary. This is beautiful and certainly leads us to respond to the inspiration that Bernadette was given. And so many things have happened which indicate that pro-life people in the Church and on the battle lines in front of Planned Parenthood are welcoming… wanting this image to be with them. Please visit Bernadette at   We played a part of a song donated to the Pre Born Jesus ministry. It’s titled CRY OF THE FAITHFUL. It’s quite lovely.

MARY, Ark of the New Covenant, Pray for us.  If you will take the time, click on this link following to see the Pre Born Jesus statue along with other pro-life signs and activities at a pro-life demonstration at Planned Parenthood in Pittsburg, PA.

We also played a song by a most talented Steubenville, OH singer ALICIA HERNON. The song touches many hearts — it’s called Tabitha Cumi: the hymn of a mother who has lost a child. We hope you like it. Alicia was a guest on Catholic Vitamins several years ago. Her website is found at 

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