Catholic Vitamin P Protest

ruth lobo“Mam, I’ll have to ask you to put your hands behind your back. You’re under arrest.” Similar words were spoken to Ruth Lobo, a college student speaking out against abortion – protesting that her on-campus rights to free speech were being interfered with. Several weeks ago, we had Ruth’s brother, Fr. Simon Lobo on Catholic Vitamins. And now Ruth — these folks have really nourished their faith to give such wonderful witness.

We’re also proud to debut our newest correspondent, SONJA CORBITT — Scriptural Evangelist. Sonja CorbittSonja is going to contribute Biblically based nourishment just about every week on Catholic Vitamins – what a gift she will be to our shows. The main link to Sonja (for her teachings, CD’s, speaking events, etc. is found at

We also featured a brief interview (again) with Leah Jacobson. She has just moved from the upper midwest to the College Station/Bryan area of Texas where she and Abby Johnson will be opening a new pro-life, pro-woman, pro-health oriented Guiding Star Center for that part of Texas. A primary link for the Guiding Star Project is found at:  And if you’d like to be a Forum member supporting Guiding Star’s work, add a /forum when you go to their main web site. Leah Jacobson

Marianna and Justin weren’t with us for this show. Marianna is continuing her recovery from a whip-last auto accident. God’s blessings Marianna… and Justin

Fergal O’Neill from Ireland shared a nice reflection on one aspect of the theme of Catholic Vitamin P for Protest. Thank you Deacon Fergal.

Dee added a reminder about the Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl App which you can download to your portable device or phone. It has a lot of helpful resources for improving your Lenten practices. Find it as  


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