Catholic Vitamin Q Quaint

QUAINT: Attractively unusual; old-fashioned. Remember the old days when Catholics were in love with their faith? Remember when they were pleased to display their rosaries or scapulars or medals? Remember when we knew the answer to ‘Why did God make me?’

Today – it’s Quaint to be on fire for the gift of being Catholic. And so, on this show, we share two speakers: Fr. Dave Pivonka at a conference at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. And Bishop Thomas Olmsted from the Diocese of Phoenix. Both men share two aspects that remind us to get over being ‘cafeteria Catholics’ — or ‘universalists’ who believe it doesn’t matter what church you go to…

We are pleased to be Quaintly-Catholic. We hope you are as well.

Blessings from Deacon Tom and Dee

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