Catholic Vitamin Q Qualify

Meet MICHAEL O’NEILL — the MIRACLE HUNTER!! Do you have an interest in recently approved miracles? Such as whether the apparitions in Argentina have been declared ‘supernatural’? Or maybe you’re a bit of a history buff, and you read someplace that the Blessed Virgin Mary was reported to have appeared to St. James the Greater, in the year 40 A. D. – and you want to look into it a bit more? ¬†Or – what about Medjugorje?

Go to THE source for the one man who does QUALIFY as the authority. Go to . And while you’re there, sign up for the Miracle Hunter email newsletter updates… and consider the MIRACLES OF ITALY Pilgrimage that Michael will be leading this fall.

Special thanks to Michael O’Neill for a fascinating interview and discussion of his work in this fascinating and faith-inspiring field.

And thanks to our oft-times correspondent SANDY GREGGS for her introduction to LIFE IN THE SPIRIT.

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