Catholic Vitamin Q Query

Join this late Advent/Early Christmas journey as we hear of one young man’s QUERY of the Lord… a Query that took place more than once before he finally heard ‘the call.’ It was a call to become a priest, and ultimately to become a member-priest of the community of MADONNA HOUSE.

Our guest is FR. ‘ZACK’ ROMANOWSKY — we reached him while he was in rural Missouri (excuse some of the sound-quality issues during parts of the interview). Dee and Tom originally met with Father at the MH field house location in Winslow, AZ. We’ve also been blessed to attend a Mass that he celebrated – he’s a good and holy priest… a gentle priest… a quiet beacon for others who might wonder what it’s like to visit — perhaps join an apostolate like Madonna House. Thank you Father Zach.

The Madonna House website is (not surprisingly) www.madonnahouse.orgĀ 

And our music on this show was by Russ Rentler – a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. You can find him, his performance schedule and his music products at

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