Catholic Vitamin Q Quest

The Quest in our restless hearts is what this Catholic Vitamin is all about. Join us and our special guest, Dr. Russ Rentler as we talk about that “hole in the soul” that only God can fill. Russ is one of a growing number of “reverts” to Catholicism. Perhaps you have watched the Coming Home programs on EWTN television. Host Marcus Grodi has guests who share their stories. Some are brand new converts; some have reverted to the Catholic faith as a part of their quest for TRUTH in their lives. That’s what happened in the narration shared with us by Dr. Russ in this Catholic Vitamins show. We also get to hear a song from his album Road to Emmaus — and the song is right from the words of another man of quest: St. Augustine. The song that we listened to is Late Have I Loved You. It’s touching. Thanks for coming with us for this quest to learn more about our Catholic Faith and our relationship with God.

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