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Julie Carrick  ~  Our Guest on Catholic Vitamins. You can find her music, and see all of the work and the people involved in Carrick Ministries by visiting their website:

Julie Carrick is one of the women I would put on my Bucket List. To go to one of her concerts would be awesome. To pray with her before the Blessed Sacrament would be a joy. On this show, we get to listen to her song ADORATION which we received as a ‘rough cut’ preview. Adoration will be released by Carrick Ministries soon. We also played a portion on ANIMA CHRISTI – a song that Julie composed from her heart which is deeply in love with the Eucharistic Lord.

To have dinner with Julie (and Kurt, her husband, and daughter Edel and the other members of Carrick Ministries) — oh! My Bucket list is growing. But how about 25 or 30 minutes of time with her doing a one-on-one interview? Not too shabby — and we have her one-on-one on this Catholic Vitamins show on things that QUICKEN Julie’s faith practice.

Julie is passionate about the Eucharist, Adoration, Reconciliation, Marriage, Pro-Life, and Living in God’s Grace.  Her missions and other events where she has been asked to speak encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and truly live the teachings of The Church.   She was born and raised in Northern Michigan, Julie Fran Edel, the fourth of seven children.

Her desire to serve Christ began at an early age and stems back to her involvement in Liturgical Music, following in the footsteps of 3 generations of Catholic Musicians. She worked within the Diocese of Phoenix for 10 years as Director of Music prior to accepting the call to a national and international concert and speaking ministry.

Julie is not your typical recording artist. Her real life experiences are shared in her speaking & concert engagements, and formed into the lyric that are her songs.  The events she has developed have been beneficial to thousands of Catholics and other Christians in their spiritual development. Her witness shares the real heart of a woman who has experienced some of the toughest things in life and because of her Catholic faith, has stayed the course with Christ.  From dealing with serious struggles in marriage, losing 2 children through miscarriage, helping an adult daughter through a rape that resulted in pregnancy and most recently a Lung Cancer survivor, she knows what it means to ‘live’ her Catholic Faith. Though not always ‘easy’ her life has been blessed with grace when she has needed it most.

Julie is married to Kurt Carrick, her husband of 28 years. They have 3 adult children.  After marriage in Flagstaff, Arizona, they began their life together in Germany and after 5 years there,  moved to Arizona.  Julie’s national concert ministry began in 1995. She has written and recorded 7 music CDs and a Rosary CD, in which she and Kurt pray together.  Also a DVD Concert “Living The Mass” and a DVD for the “In The Waiting” project.  Her speaking engagements cover topics that encourage Catholics to Know & Live boldly their faith.

Some Career Highlights:

Regularly heard on Immaculate Heart & Guadalupe Radio networks throughout the U.S.

In 2011 Julie Released: “Living The Mass” DVD

4 Album Compilation Songbook

“In The Waiting”  CD/DVD set

She and Kurt re-mastered A Couple’s Rosary CD with a full soundtrack song for each decade. In 2011 Julie also presented approximately 70 concerts & parish missions and sang at over 100 Masses in 17 States.

Dear wife Dee (married to Deacon Tom) was in attendance at the 2011 Phoenix Catholic Women’s Conference where Julie led the music for the conference and was a featured speaker.

Between 2005-2010, Julie was involved in Summer Tour of 10 States (Averaging 45 Events in 70 days & singing at more than 45 weekend Masses). These included:

2010 Oklahoma Catholic Women’s Conference

2010 Phoenix Diocesan Marriage Day

Jubilee Year Concert Tour in the Holy Lands

First Catholic Woman to be the featured speaker on TBN

Julie has also done appearances on EWTN, Boston Catholic TV, Fox 10 TV, KTVK Television Phoenix, and many others. We were so blessed to have her join us on Catholic Vitamins.


Our dear correspondent and friend, Marianna Bartholomew found a priest in India who has listened to Catholic Vitamins. Given Marianna’s missionary heart, when she found out about the severe flooding in India, she started work on donations and building awareness of how terrible conditions are in India.

A first reaction might be to question why we would be doing this given the devastation and problems on the east coast of our own country. Fair enough. But in actuality – there is much difference. America is a rich, rich country, and while we have people who are still without power and heat — there are great, mostly-organized resources coming to bear on this populous area. Gasoline deliveries are improving. More utilities are restored each day.

On the contrary, in India, the lands are scattered and there isn’t any great organized help arriving. We aren’t even hearing about India’s problems on our public media here in the U. S. Perhaps a part of this is due to our own storm difficulties. In the communication below, you’ll see some words indicating how severe the situation is, and how many are in emergency need of real help.

Here is information sent in an email from Marianna:

Hi DT! Perhaps you would like to direct people to Catholic Charities for Sandy relief and Caritas India for the Andhra Pradesh floods…I just sent the Caritas info if you wanted to put it on your podcast blog. Also, I pronounced Andhra Pradesh wrong…it’s Pra-deesh. People are waist-deep in water with more rains coming…80,000 in emergency camps…heartbreaking. And I’m not seeing it on the US news… God bless! M.

From Deacon Tom: I found this Catholic Relief Services link to give readers an overview of what they are facing in India:  

And below, see the text of an email from a Father D’Souza with CARITAS, INDIA in New Delhi.

Dear Ms. Marianna Bartholomew,

Greetings! from Caritas India, New Delhi.

This is the response to your e-mail dated 8th November, 2012 sent to CBCI regarding the contribution for the Flood Relief in Andhra Pradesh.

Thank you very much for the interest you have shown to the above subject.

Caritas India is the Official National Organization of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India for social Concern and Human Development. 

The following details are the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act – Account of Caritas India.

Name:                    CARITAS INDIA

Account No:           52011022791


Bank Address:       Himilton House, A-Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110 001

Swift Code:             SCBLUS33XXX          – US$

                               SCBLGB2LXXX         – EURO

                               ANZBAU3M               – AUD 

Should you have any query, please feel free to contact us.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Fr.  Frederick D’Souza

Executive Director

Caritas India, CBCI Centre, 1 Ashok Place, New Delhi – 110001


Phone: +91 11 23363390, 23742339, Fax: +91 11 23715146 / 23367488


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