Catholic Vitamin Q Quiet 2

AA_Inheritance_CoverPornography? Recovery through a profound, personal relationship with Christ? Join us on this Vitamin Q (for QUIET) and meet… or perhaps re-meet the AUDREY ASSAD you thought you knew before. The Audrey whom you will get to know much better on this podcast.

Months ago, we started work on this episode of Catholic Vitamins. Audrey was a new mother, working on a new album. She was super busy. But she agreed to give us an early ‘meeting’ to talk about her early life, her faith walk – and then about her newest album INHERITANCE. Audrey AssadThe Hymns Project. Some of the most wonderful Christian hymns that come to us through our Methodist and Anglican faith traditions are found on this album. Also new work from the pen and creativity of Audrey herself.

Audrey wrote a hymn in memory of the Christian martyrs who were slain for the faith by Islamic terrorists a few years ao. It’s called EVEN UNTO DEATH. It’s beautiful and a prayer for them – and for those who executed them. There’s familiar songs such as HOLY, HOLY, HOLY… and IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL (a favorite of Deacon Tom). We played the entire album cut of It Is Well on this show — see if it doesn’t invite you further into her new album. Go to  and get to know dear Audrey.

Oh… and BTW: Tom and Dee’s first segment of 2016 on THE MARRIAGE PROJECT — dedicated to those married 50 years or more — or to those who want to be married at least that long.

Thanks. Join us. Let us hear from you:

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