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Over 65,000,000 copies of the Left Behind books tell us that a whole lot of people are getting their Scriptural understanding from Fundamentalist thinking – so says our special guest, Fr. Michael Guinan, OFM.

Father Michael D. Guinan, an O.F.M. of the Franciscan Friars of the Holy Name Province.

He is a professor of Old Testament, Semitic Languages and Biblical Spirituality at the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, CA. As you will see from his credentials and experience below, it is so awesome to have Father come on our show.


Fr. Guinan is the

Professor Emeritus of Old Testament

Professor Emeritus of Semitic Languages

Father Guinan holds the following Degrees:

Ph.D. Catholic University of Americ

S.T.B. Old Mission Theological Seminary

B.A. San Luis Rey College

If, after listening to this show, you’d like to reach out to Father, here is his email address:

Some words from and about Fr. Guinan as found on the website for the Franciscan School of Theology in California:

“I see the study of the Old Testament in its own time and place as providing the important basis for appreciating both its use in the New Testament and its spiritual relevance to our lives today.”

If it is true that “The past is a foreign country”, then Fr. Michael is our ambassador to that far-off land. An international scholar of the ancient languages in which our sacred texts originated, he makes scripture come to life in his five books and for the students in his over 25 years of teaching at FST. Besides teaching for ten summers at the Franciscan seminary in the Philippines, he is involved in local parish ministry, shares in adult education and gives retreats. Also an opera critic of some standing, he puts his love of scripture and music at the service of the ordinary person.

Selected Course Descriptions

Prophets of the Old Testament

A survey of prophets in the OT proceeding along two axes: 1) an historical overview focusing on the”great” prophets of the 8th/7th/6th centuries; and 2) a thematic overview focusing on how the prophets spoke to their present and to the future.

Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament

A survey of the wisdom material of the Old Testament, seeing it as an attitude, a movement, and a literature. Wisdom theology is seen within the context of the Old Testament as well as of our modern theological and pastoral situation.

The Psalms

A presentation on the basic approaches to the psalms, their language and literary and forms. A look at psalms and Old Testament theology, worship, canon and prayer.

One note from Deacon Tom: I have purchased teaching/formation materials from the NOW YOU KNOW folks – they have an outstanding offering of experts in various applied fields.

Now You Know Media Lecture Programs by Michael Guinan

The Old Testament

The Psalms: Model and Guide to Prayer

Wisdom Literature of the Bible

The Book of Exodus

How to Read and Understand Your Bible

Genesis, Exodus, and Job

Creation and/or Creationism? What’s a Catholic to Think?

We want to remember to give thanks for the listeners who continue to inspire (and pray for, we hope) us to be able to do Catholic Vitamins. We recognize our current talent/depth team: Justin Stroh, Marianna Bartholomew and Fergal O’Neill. We don’t and won’t forget Peggy  Bowes, Cheryl Dickow, Theresa Doyle-Nelson and Denise Bossert — each contributed freely (and without any remuneration other than our prayers) and gave us a measure of their faith walk and inspiration. And then, our guests – wonderful authors, speakers, singers, clergy, – even two bishops. We are in a Thanksgiving mood as we complete this week’s show.

And speaking of singers and musicians: thanks to Julie Carrick for the gift of her music and voice for the song ANIMA CHRISTI. You can find her music and other information about Julie at

We also recognize the awesome professor, musician, singer, author and friend – Bob Rice from Franciscan University. We played a portion of his rendition of DAYS OF ELIJAH from his album, YOU CAME TO ME (Live Music from Steubenville)

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