Catholic Vitamin R Reaction

2012Autumnheadshot2Hey Evangelical Protestant: take a trip to Italy and go to Orvieto where the powerful miracle of the Eucharist took place. Then tell us your REACTION. Meet Michelle Arnold Paine: wife, mother, artist and convert to Catholicism. Listen to her tell her story as she shares her love of the Lord, her love of Scripture, her love of art and then her falling in love with Italy. Smile as you hear her putting the brakes on: wait a minute – could she be falling in love with the Catholic Faith? Or was this some sort of over-reaction to the beauty of Italy? We enjoyed spending time with Michelle and we hope our listeners will enjoy this as much as we did.

You can find Michelle and her artwork and her blog at this web address: 

Music on today’s show included the New Celebration Singers with an uptempo: The River is Here, and

Audrey Assad from her album Fortunate Fall, we played Spirit of the Living God. You can find all of her music and more at

And continuing special thanks to our Catholic Vitamins’ correspondents:

Marianna Bartholomew found at

Sonja Corbitt, Scriptural Evangelist found at

Justin Stroh, Evangelist, speaker and musician found at‎ 

And last but not least, our great deacon from Naas, Ireland, Fergal O’Neill. He’s found on Facebook and other places. Or you can email him at



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