Catholic Vitamin R Recovery

A terrified family of six fleeing from North Vietnamese soldiers… bullets from rifles whizzing past. Days at sea with no food or water. And then, RECOVERY of real and peaceful Catholic Faith found in the proverbial land of milk, honey and opportunity. Meet our podcast guest, FATHER JOSEPH CAO, pastor of Our Lady of the Mountains Parish in Estes Park. What a harrowing escape and what a beautiful story of recovery of new life. This may be an interview you’ll want to help others discover.

And then – Dee and Deacon Tom were additionally blessed in that we got to meet a somewhat long term listener to Catholic Vitamins. Her name is Lisa Belter Kent from Loveland, Colorado. What a joy it is to share a mini-interview as Lisa tells of the discovery of breast cancer, and her recovery from deep concerns for her health and future.

We close with some music from doctor Russ Rentler: Long Have I Loved You. And Dee found a link to an article about an upcoming concert by Russ. We thank him for his support for Catholic Vitamins and for our Catholic radio station, KPIH 98.9 in Payson.

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