Catholic Vitamin R Rejoice

Advent is a season of HOPE… and in that hope, we REJOICE. We can be certain that Christ will come again. We pray for a new coming in our lives of the Christ-child. Catherine Doherty, the foundress of Madonna House wrote that we should make our hearts a manger for the Babe of Bethlehem.

We have another reason for selecting this ‘faith vitamin.’ Her name is JULIANA GRANTZ. It’s hard to believe that this talented young woman is but 14 years of age. Her mom Deanna introduced us via the web… and we listened to an inspirational song written and performed by this young lady, whom we hope will continue to bless the Lord and inspire others in so-doing.  The first song we heard was called ‘Gianna’s Song– – a reflection on the life of the pro-life St. Gianna Mola (Juliana’s Confirmation name was St. Gianna !).

And so, now you know: Juliana is a Catholic singer and songwriter. She has her own website  and there’s a bio and pieces of her music which you will surely enjoy. Juliana’s also on Facebook and you can see she is a very lovely young woman. We are grateful to the Lord for allowing us to come to know someone so inspiring and talented. And BTW: Juliana asked us to help promote a community based organization which helps people to perform in public. Go to

We opened this show with a lovely piece of music by Kate Daneluk, founder of the great website devoted to Sing Music, Praying Twice. Please visit her site for some great tools and techniques for involving children and parishes in music and singing. 

We thank our frequent contributor and inspirational correspondent, the magical and highly honored story teller and award-winner author TONY AGNESI. Go to  and you can find his books, and words about his Blog and appearances.

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