Catholic Vitamin R Renewal 2

What is NAMI? NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and we dedicate this episode of Catholic Vitamins to helping to bring RENEWAL to those individuals and families effected by any form of mental illness.

You may have heard earlier episodes of our Podcast in which we found helpful or faith nourishing stories ‘down the pew.’ On this show, down the road a few miles, we found the northern Arizona President and Chief Program Officer for NAMI. Her name is PATTY WISNER and she had her own family experiences with mental illness. It set Patty on a journey to find help and answers.

Patty discovered NAMI — and while our interview focuses on what Patty and her team are doing locally — this story has been repeated throughout the U. S. And if there is some mental health situation in your life, please listen to Patty’s journey and the great results she experienced with NAMI… and which she now helps others to find.

The national website for this great organization is    And if you’d like to email Patty Wisner, you can reach her organization effort at

We sincerely hope someone or some ones are blessed by the work of NAMI…  NAMI is ‘bucking the stigma of mental illness’ throughout the country.

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