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Ralph MartinOne of the joys of my REPEAT visits to Franciscan University is the ease of access to some of the heavy-weights of the Catholic Church and in evangelization in these times. I won’t… but I could do some name-dropping and talk about those I’ve been blessed to meet… to talk with… or to ask for their prayers and intercession.

One person I’ve admired for quite some time is Dr. Ralph Martin from Renewal Ministries. This Ann Arbor, MI organization is staggering in scope of what it is doing in the Church, and who they have on the team. We were able to grab Dr. Martin for about ten minutes before he had to move to a breakout session during the priest/deacon/seminarian retreat. Thank you so much Dr. Ralph. May God richly bless Renewal Ministries and you and your bride.

Now — the next person I met is a kind of an interesting story. There we are at Franciscan. The praise and worship team is leading us in good and holy worship music — some traditional and some fairly popular and ‘current.’ During these times, Matthew Fox (FUS)I noticed a young man of perhaps 21 or so — he played the violin. It was beautiful. It was uplifting. It never inserted itself into the music where you were distracted by it. It was wonderful. I asked the man who he was and what his story is. He’s Matthew Fox (no relation that I know of). He’s just graduated from Franciscan with three different majors – and he’s been accepted by the Army and starts flight school this fall. Matthew’s dad is a newly ordained deacon although I couldn’t connect with him at this time, but I knew we had to have Matthew on the show for a little while.

A luncheon discussion about obessession, compulsion, deliverance and demons — even exorcisms and here I was talking with a priest who does work in these areas. His name is Fr. Michael Salvagna and he’s from a monastery in Pittsburgh. So we invited him to join us for a bit. (Audio level quite low – sorry about this! )

And Associate Professor of Theology, Dr. John Bergsma comes back to continue a bit of his MASS CONVERSION story.

Oh thank Heavens for the Vitamins we’ve been taking – and hopefully sharing with you as well.

LINKS FOR THIS SHOW    To find out about the work of Dr. Ralph Martin Dove Spirit Songs: Music and song by ROSE AUGUSTINE. And you can reach her directly by emailing her at


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