Catholic Vitamin R Revert

Her parents were ‘hippy’ Catholics — dancing up the aisle with flowing ribbons and leading thee priest in to Mass. It was the 70’s — and is it any wonder that our guest, REBECCA FRECH thought she needed to find answers elsewhere? And like so many — even today — so many who wander into the fields of Bible-only or Mega-church praise bands… Pew Research tells us that many are seeking to return to the orthodoxy, the beauty and the Eucharistic liturgy they left behind. They are the REVERTs that Rebecca and I spent time talking about on this show.

Rebecca was married in a Lutheran church and she and her husband ultimately brought 8 children into the world, through God’s grace and help. He journey back to the roots of her faith practice is, at times, humorous, and with tender moments as well. If you like the down-to-earth, but revert-fired faith that Rebecca shares, you can reach her and discover her writing (columns such as the one we discussed at the National Catholic Register, or her new book CAN WE BE FRIENDS published by Our Sunday Visitor) — look first to reach her at this email:

If you reach out to Rebecca, let her know she’s really too young to be a mother-of-the-bride 🙂

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