Catholic Vitamin S Sabbath

Sonja CorbittSONJA CORBITT was a regular contributor to Catholic Vitamins in recent years, until travel, appearances and writing schedules forced her to pull back from many demands. But in her CV segments, and in person to Deacon Tom and Dee, Sonja would remind us all to ‘keep holy the SABBATH Day.’ ¬†Well, we’re delighted to do a ‘catch up’ with Sonja — to find out what she’s been up to, and what writing she’s got headed our way. Tune in. Sonja is always a wise voice and a refreshing spirit to be with when considering things of God… things of Scripture.

There are several places to establish contact with Sonja – but the entry point for most things is through this portal:

On this show we featured music from an inspiring musician and singer: Brian Flynn – a guest of some years ago on Catholic Vitamins. If you liked what you heard, you can reach Brian for a look at his work, his CD’s and his schedule by going to:

During this show, we also talked about the wonderful, powerful pro-life homily delivered by Fr. John Lankeit, the rector of St. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix. It has gone viral and has appeared in dozens of places. If you haven’t heard or seen this homily, here’s a link from Dee and Deacon Tom:

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