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M Gannon 2Remember the name Channing Dale? Did you ever know about her late-night texting partner MICHAEL GANNON? Both of these young folks have been and are on SACRED journeys. And our feature interview is, in fact wth Michael as he soon prepares to set off on a new aspect of sacred journey.

This show also features our return from time spent in Rome and on a Catholic Answers cruise. We visited places in the Mediterranean such as Ephesus, Istanbul and Mykonos, among others. We’ll have much to share over the next few shows. Thanks for journeying with us on Catholic Vitamins.

St Peter's Basilica OrdinationHere’s a picture (from a distance) of the ordination of transitional deacons from the North American College in Rome. Tom was able to be a deacon (although you can’t see him in this shot), and Dee and our two companions received tickets to attend this Mass of ordination. A great honor and joy for all of us. Look at the beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica. We hope to post some additional photos on our friends of Catholic Vitamins page on Facebook.



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