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Meet Author Gina Loehr

Before sharing some words about Gina, I’d like to tell you a small story from my own faith walk. We had a wonderful… absolutely wonderful Irish priest back in Florida. In fact, he is featured on our website — his name is Father Patrick J. O’Doherty.
Well — one time, when I was early in my reversion and faith walk, Fr. Pat gave me a small book on the saints. I forget what conversation surrounded giving me the little book — but I do remember I had it a couple weeks and at my next appointment with him — I gave the book back and said I thought it was boring. It contained a saint on just about every page — and each write up contained the name of the saint or blessed one, the dates of birth and death, where they lived and what they did. I’m sure a book like this has a purpose — but it was the wrong book to give to me at that time.
Father looked as if he was surprised — perhaps disappointed that I couldn’t see the beauty of the saints. The lesson I now share with you is to get a good book on the lives of the saints. Read one or more of Gina Loehr’s works or any of the other writers (Elizabeth Ficocelli has been a guest on our show and she has written good books as well) who add flesh and bones and reality to the words you’ll spend time with.
Gina Loehr grew up in Dayton, Ohio, before receiving her bachelor’s degree in theatre studies and her master’s degree in theology. She has been involved with NET Ministries, youth and young adult ministry, and pro-life outreach. Now Gina writes and speaks on such topics as the virtues, the sacrament of marriage and the vocation of women. Gina lives with her husband, daughter and baby boy on a six-hundred-acre dairy farm in southeastern Wisconsin. ¬†She is the author of three books.

Her books…

Choosing Beauty – a 30 Day Spiritual Makeover for Women

Real Women, Real Saints — Friends for Your Spiritual Journey

The Four Teresas: Mother Teresa, Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, Teresa Benedicta

All of these are by Servant Books

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