Catholic Vitamin S Salvation

Have you had a rough start to your life? Perhaps an ill-tempered, alcohol-impaired father, and a mother who was occupied in ‘other concerns?’ Did you seek to plug that ‘hole in your soul’ with things of the world rather than heavenly pursuits? Many of us have been through this.

But meet an on-fire Catholic who found the keys and the steps to SALVATION. He’s DAVE KENT from Colorado, and we are so pleased to bring you his journey story. You may remember our previous show when we shared a mini-interview with Dave’s wife, Lisa Belter Kent. During that episode, we expressed our desire to have Dave on because at breakfast, we heard how Dave overcame a lot of early mis-direction in life. And so we bring this joy-filled sharing to our listeners.

Today, Dave and Lisa are happily married, happily in love with their Catholic Faith, and promoting that Salvation is found, in part in living a God-participating Marriage. We so much enjoyed our time with this couple and we hope it’s inspiring for you as well.

During this show, we played some music from music missionary and friend DANIELLE ROSE. You can find her work on all the normal places, but her main website is at

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